I have never been more grateful for being part of an organization that does so much to protect and to strengthen our communities all around the globe.

The COVID-19 coronavirus is changing every aspect of our lives, and the uncertainty is devastating. We are facing a pandemic, with a situation we didn’t even think about until a few months ago.

If our district project involving donating $30 was shared only by some clubs in our District, it is NOW time to show solidarity and I am now proposing a very necessary project: END COVID NOW.

In Rotary, we are leaders, elites, valuable assets for our communities, and these times need us to confirm these things. I am inviting everyone who have shown their abilities through concrete actions, to come together to help people in need, by respecting the indications from authorities and not replacing them. We cannot get involved in actions that spread the virus, a thing I have seen, especially on Facebook. Actually, the entire world has been served the check for imposture, incompetence, greed and wickedness.

Our attention and our dedication are needed locally. I am pleading for all the clubs, for all Rotarians to be generous and to donate to the club they are a part of for END COVID NOW. I invite everyone to open an account for their club, and I am asking for each club to deal with these donations locally, to redirect the money based on the needs of their county. Make decisions in your club, based on the power you have, about what hospital you give this money to. It is NOW time to show you are the leaders of your communities, that you are PEOPLE OF ACTION there where you are needed. It is obvious we will not be able to cover all the needs, especially since we were caught unprepared once more. Doctors in hospitals do not have the basic face mask. Medical professionals will be the first to be slain by this virus.

The global effort against COVID-19 depends greatly on the actions each of us takes. Ironically, the action we should take is to STOP interacting with other people for a short period of time.

We cannot know yet what consequences this situation is going to have. We can play our role by ISOLATING ourselves, to flatten the disease curve. Our major goal is to have under control the number of cases in a short period of time, so as to allow our health systems to deal with the problems without being blocked by a large number of patients. Our global effort contributes to keeping the situation under control.

My family and I are medics (my wife was valedictorian) and we are only following the most reliable sources in the world. We want to be able to make the best decisions and I only want to share with you valuable and relevant information through all media we are connected by. 

We NOW have the opportunity to show that Rotary connects the world in new ways, useful to those connected to the power of good.

We have to closely follow the advice we get from WHO and local authorities. These include stopping all Rotary events and club meetings for a short period of time. We will use the Internet to communicate.

I want to make a call for Action, Conscience, Unity and Mentality: let us show solidarity for our communities through donation, so we can END COVID NOW. The ball is in our court - every effort matters, because every life matters.

This is an unprecedented challenge for ALL of us. But it is also an opportunity for Rotarians to unite NOW and do good in the world.


Stay safe and healthy!


Marian Neagoe,

District Governor 2019-2020

Romania & Rep. Moldova